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A Sporting Family

Zak Redgrave
3rd year, Chemistry, Edinburgh

Zak Redgrave shares how growing up with professional athletes as parents has influenced him.

An early start

I first started playing rugby when I was very young at Marlow rugby club. However, I did not fully succeed with rugby until I started at my secondary school, Wellington College, at the age of 13. What got me interested in rugby was initially a push from my father who always wanted me to keep fit and be active. It also helped that both my secondary and prep school were both very keen on rugby.

During my time at school, I played a number of different sports including basketball and rowing. I was fortunate enough to be able to represent under 16 South England playing basketball however I made the decision to focus on rugby as the coaching available was some of the best in the country.”

Looking ahead

I’ve has some amazing moments during my rugby career and looking ahead one of my main goals is to be part of a winning team at the Scottish Varsity. I imagine winning at Murrayfield to be one of the best feelings you can get as a rugby player.”

A sporting legacy

It was definitely interesting growing up with professional athletes for parents, as there is always a high standard that is expected from you. My father and I have bonded heavily over my sport over the years. He always came to school matches whenever he could and would always act as a second coach even though he has had very limited exposure to playing rugby.

One of the biggest characteristics I have inherited from dad is his competitiveness, neither him nor I can lose at anything especially when it’s against each other. He always pushed me to my best in any sport I wanted to play, but there was never any pressure to follow in his footsteps and be a rower myself.

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