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A fresh perspective

Joe Stainer
2nd Year, Geography, Edinburgh

Joe Stainer, a 2nd year Geography student talks about this ambition to play under the lights at BT Murrayfield

“Rugby first began for me in the U7’s at the notorious Clifton RFC. I’ve always loved a good run about and rugby gave me that chance to let loose away from the primary school classroom.

Although playing rugby at school throughout, unfortunate genes halted my growth which paved more success on the hockey field. Nevertheless, rugby always stood as my favourite sport, and this is why I made the choice to play at Edinburgh.

The sport has brought many great memories throughout my life, in particular Bristol Grammar vs Blundells in 2012, a fine day where not even Arthur Friend could break through our mighty defensive line on that crisp autumn afternoon.

Looking into the future, my personal ambitions within Rugby at Edinburgh are to play Scottish Varsity and also to make selection for Scottish Students.

Watching varsity last year at Murrayfield was an incredible experience as a fresher, even just being a part of the support so to be given the chance to play a year on is something I did not expect.”

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